Breath of Life, Just Breathe

The stress of chronic illness can overwhelm us at times. There are moments when we don't feel like we have the energy to blow out a candle. Our bodies don't keep up with our heart's desires and there is nothing we can do but breathe!! Nope, not fun but with hindsight, we can watch our … Continue reading Breath of Life, Just Breathe

Storytelling with the Bible

This is beyond cool. Making the Bible come to life always gets me excited. A friend pointed me to this today and I was so impressed I have to tell you about it. This website is FREE and it is called The Bible Project. Still does not really drag you in......until you read "Visual storytelling … Continue reading Storytelling with the Bible

The Storms Will Come

Tornados are a part of living in Texas. I live in Tornado Alley geographically and metaphorically. I have learned about a tornado's "eye of the storm." It is that peaceful place smack dab in the middle of the most uncontrollable natural devastation one can imagine. Tornados are one of those few weather phenomena's that catch … Continue reading The Storms Will Come

Isolation Giants: Moses, David, Joseph

Most of us will not end up in isolation on top of Mount Sinai. It is a beautiful sight. Have you thought about what it would be like if you were there alone for 40 days, 40 months or what about 40 years? Isolation hinders our spiritual growth, no doubt about that. God provides plenty … Continue reading Isolation Giants: Moses, David, Joseph

satan, you may have my floorboard eggs!

Go roar somewhere else devil, get out of my way, I am busy. Many of you know what it is like to attempt to get to church and the struggles that come with that. Everything seems to go wrong and you have to move mountains to get to church. Some of the funniest sermons I … Continue reading satan, you may have my floorboard eggs!

Speechless, Our Father…

Speechless cannot describe the depths one can feel during chronic illness and pain. When there are no words left, what do you do, how do you pray, what are the words? Utterances do not even come out correctly. During those years when my brain was not working correctly, every nerve was tender to the thought … Continue reading Speechless, Our Father…