Satan, Demons, Angels, Cherubim

The Bible is filled with all of it; Satan, Demons, Angels, and Cherubim. In a way, today is no different than the Biblical times, there is good and evil, war and peace. There are choices and sides to be had. Social media has struck again. This week I ran into more than one conversation on … Continue reading Satan, Demons, Angels, Cherubim

Make Reading Scripture Fun, FREE App

Fun easy trackable reading scripture through The Bible Project. They now have an app that holds our hands right through the year as we move through the Bible, reading, growing, learning. This company has helped to bring the Bible to life and in bite-size pieces for greater understanding. Let them walk you through the beauty … Continue reading Make Reading Scripture Fun, FREE App

Storytelling with the Bible

This is beyond cool. Making the Bible come to life always gets me excited. A friend pointed me to this today and I was so impressed I have to tell you about it. This website is FREE and it is called The Bible Project. Still does not really drag you in......until you read "Visual storytelling … Continue reading Storytelling with the Bible