Breath of Life, Just Breathe

The stress of chronic illness can overwhelm us at times. There are moments when we don’t feel like we have the energy to blow out a candle. Our bodies don’t keep up with our heart’s desires and there is nothing we can do but breathe!! Nope, not fun but with hindsight, we can watch our perseverance grow, which creates a deeper faith. So, breathe in the breath of life. Continue reading Breath of Life, Just Breathe

Isolation Giants: Moses, David, Joseph

Most of us will not end up in isolation on top of Mount Sinai. It is a beautiful sight. Have you thought about what it would be like if you were there alone for 40 days, 40 months or what about 40 years? Isolation hinders our spiritual growth, no doubt about that. God provides plenty of scripture about staying connected with the body of Christ, the church. There are also times in our lives when isolation occurs for Godly reasons. Sometimes we actually need to turn off the sounds of the world, hush the craziness and be still in the presence of God. Listen quietly and hear his sweet sweet voice. Find the Holy Spirit that lives within us and buddy-up to Him as a best friend and savior. This can take time. This can take a life-changing event like chronic illness to help us to stop, literally, stop and be still. I am not saying God made you ill. I am saying he might be using your illness and pain as an opportunity to get your attention, there is a significant difference in the two. We have three biblical giants to gain perspective on Godly isolation.

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