Storytelling with the Bible

This is beyond cool. Making the Bible come to life always gets me excited. A friend pointed me to this today and I was so impressed I have to tell you about it. This website is FREE and it is called The Bible Project. Still does not really drag you in……until you read “Visual storytelling meets the Bible.” Now that draws me in. I love reading the Bible. I get through it almost every year and cannot get enough. This is just another way to learn more, understand God more and deepen your relationship with Jesus. I watched just one of their 8-minute videos with this “Visual storytelling” and was hooked. Who would have thought I could understand what Hevel means in Ecclesiastes? If you are discouraged by your chronic illness and pain, learning about Hevel is a blessing.

The Bible Project

The Bible Project: YouTube Channel

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Donations accepted to serve others in their chronic illness journey. Maribeth Baxter, HHC provides voluntary certified health coaching services to the financially limited during their time of crisis.

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