Staying Focused On My Character, Not Others

focused on my character, not others, God's perfect character

Another place where I fall short; completely staying focused on my character and not others. The “well but” and the “yah but” and “okay but” just don’t exist in God’s word. I answer for my character, not others.

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Love A Good Sermon

a good sermon, God's way

I do love a good sermon. You know, the ones that pull you into sitting at the feet of Jesus with full attention. The ones where we forget ourselves, forget our troubles, forget even where we are sitting at the moment. The ones where we are feed nourishment.

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The Lord Provides A Broad Path

Resting is not my strong point. Sometimes I think I was afflicted with chronic illness just to get me to stop, slow down, rest. I can chatter about slowing down until the cows come home but actually doing it to the degree that an ill body needs was a completely different story. My body stopped me, for me. The illness and pain forced me to stop, to consider a more significant rest. When I finally did it, the Lord provided a broader path for me to walk out of the past and into the present. Not sure I will ever fully learn to rest completely when I need it, but progress is being made.

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Does It Take Gifts To Keep Friends and Family?

does it take gifts to keep friends and family?

It certainly shouldn’t take gifts to keep others in our lives. But how does it play out during chronic illness? Normally those who are generous with “gifts” find themselves in an interesting twist during illness. Are you someone who usually comes with a gift in hand and are now faced with the expenses of illness?

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We Must Run Around​ Some Island

run around SOME island, God's way

I got to laughing so hard during my Bible reading today I just had to share. Aren’t there truly times that you feel like God has told you to run around SOME some island. You don’t have a clue why. Not even really sure which island. And run, not walk, not skip, not swim, not lallygag, RUN. Ohhhh Lord, you have me laughing because right now this is exactly what I feel like you are telling me to do, and I am willing…

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Satan, Demons, Angels, Cherubim

The Bible is filled with all of it; Satan, Demons, Angels, and Cherubim. In a way, today is no different than the Biblical times, there is good and evil, war and peace. There are choices and sides to be had.

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A Cheerful Heart Is Good Medicine

A cheerful heart is good medicine. Sounds good. Sounds righteous. Sounds like something someone would say when they have not deeply suffered from chronic illness. God actually said it and Jesus did suffer, more than we can wrap our human brains around. So let’s get a spoonful of medicine and practice that cheerful heart. HINT: I am talking more about me than you…

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May Your Eyes See What Is Right

Perception matters. When there are witnesses to a crime, each person has a bit of a different story. It is usually based on their life experiences that form the eyes in which they see. Their testimonies will all be a bit varied based on this. We simply do not have 100% pure vision. But God does!

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World’s Largest Church

The building is not as important as the people and nothing is more important than Jesus, but I still found it fun to locate the World’s largest church…

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Patient In Affliction

God tells us to be patient in affliction. I certainly would declare chronic illness an affliction. Patience is not my strong point. Most struggle with it. During the years of illness, we get to practice our patience. I know, not fun.

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