Provision of Stones

I know, there is no way this looks real. It truly is, really. This geological formation in Israel is real. This is beautiful, just like the stones that God gives us for provision. Jacob found a stone to lay his head because the sun had gone down during a journey. The stone did not appear … Continue reading Provision of Stones

Discipline of Handling Failure

We all have failure in our lives, some of us more than others. When you have gone through tragedy, discouragement, disillusionment, heart sickness, a broken spirit, illness and so much more, the Lord knows our journey and our hearts. We are all here by the grace of God, nothing else. Paul explains this so simply. … Continue reading Discipline of Handling Failure

Faith without works is like a screen door on a submarine!

Healing wisdom in this one. Thank you, Rich Mullins, for reminding us that faith without works is as useless as a screen door on a submarine! As a Christian with a chronic illness, how can we apply this healing wisdom?  Easy, we cannot always sit in our prayer closets and expect to be healed. Sometimes … Continue reading Faith without works is like a screen door on a submarine!

Book of Job is too depressing, or is it?

How is the book of Job a wealth of insight? Why would I read something so depressing and so confusing? When is there a time when human input is irrelevant? I had a health coaching client ask this question today. You are right, Job does not appear to be any insight, just confusion and tons of … Continue reading Book of Job is too depressing, or is it?

Thanksgiving FREEbies

My gift to you - FREE one-click downloads. Thanksgiving Day PDF with beautiful ideas and pictures. And a Thanksgiving Day coloring book PDF. Both FREE. Both one-click, no email, no nothing. My gift to you. Enjoy Thanksgiving. Be thankful, be grateful, be blessed. Thanksgiving with Pumpkin - ideas and recipes Thanksgiving with Pumpkin Coloring Book - … Continue reading Thanksgiving FREEbies

Deliver Us From Evil

There are some days that you simply know evil is in our way, in the middle of everything good and just plain loathed. I want to see no evil, hear no evil and certainly speak no evil. As I pray the Lord's Prayer, I am reminded that He has the power to deliver us from … Continue reading Deliver Us From Evil

Love must be sincere

Love must be sincere! How is this so hard to understand, live out, do to others and receive from others? I do not know that answer. What I do know is that God says love must be sincere. There is nothing I could possibly say that can make this any more clear than what God … Continue reading Love must be sincere

Mental illness and forgiveness

Forgiveness with a twist. When a child is punished for every sin, do they want to be around that parent? Do they feel safe and loved? Probably not. If God were to punish us for every one of our sins would we fear Him and feel He did not love us? Probably. Instead He shows … Continue reading Mental illness and forgiveness

Storytelling with the Bible

This is beyond cool. Making the Bible come to life always gets me excited. A friend pointed me to this today and I was so impressed I have to tell you about it. This website is FREE and it is called The Bible Project. Still does not really drag you in......until you read "Visual storytelling … Continue reading Storytelling with the Bible

Frame Suffering Well

How we see life is how we live it. This usually does not set too well with someone in the middle of suffering through chronic illness and pain. Life and illness feel quite out of our control as we walk through suffering of any kind. God has something very clear to say about how to … Continue reading Frame Suffering Well