Mercy & Sacrifice

God's Word can be like God-given natural color, they look different every time we see them. As I was reading my Bible today, I noticed Jesus helping us to understand the difference between mercy and sacrifice. My curiosity got the best of me and I dug a little deeper to understand better.  Mercy vs Grace … Continue reading Mercy & Sacrifice

Casting Crazy into the Sea

The crazy world and its crazy definitions. The word "crazy" has taken on a new meaning to me since I have cast it into the sea. The world has used and abused this word and I am done with the nonsense. Taking this one into my own hands and finding great delight in drowning the … Continue reading Casting Crazy into the Sea

Shipwrecked in Faith

This is beyond awesome. God, in his word, tells us that we need faith AND a consciousness. We need to use our brains. Be awake. We can have faith but without consciousness, we can become shipwrecked while in faith. No matter what, the Lord is right there for us and loves us, but why would … Continue reading Shipwrecked in Faith

Jesus’ Birth, According to God

Merry Christmas Eve! The reason for the season is Jesus so I want to discuss Jesus. The celebration of the birth of Christ is a truly glorious time. Celebrating his birth always brings me closer to him. The joy and hope Christ provides are abundantly there. God gives us two stories of the same event. Jesus' … Continue reading Jesus’ Birth, According to God

Holiday Grief

Holidays trigger grief for loved ones more than usual. How to cope when you are connected on a spiritual and soul level to ones you have lost? How does the "Love Zone" work? Dr. Caroline Leaf, a Christian Cognitive Neuroscientist, explains it well and offers practical solutions and a prayer of hope in Jesus Christ. … Continue reading Holiday Grief

He is…

The simplicity of HE IS calms everything. When my thinking gets scrambled and I think more on destructive thoughts instead of God, I listen to things that help redirect my thoughts. Those redirected thoughts help to redirect my actions. Sometimes keeping it simple works best for me. HE IS... is about as simple as it … Continue reading He is…

Provision of Stones

I know, there is no way this looks real. It truly is, really. This geological formation in Israel is real. This is beautiful, just like the stones that God gives us for provision. Jacob found a stone to lay his head because the sun had gone down during a journey. The stone did not appear … Continue reading Provision of Stones

Discipline of Handling Failure

We all have failure in our lives, some of us more than others. When you have gone through tragedy, discouragement, disillusionment, heart sickness, a broken spirit, illness and so much more, the Lord knows our journey and our hearts. We are all here by the grace of God, nothing else. Paul explains this so simply. … Continue reading Discipline of Handling Failure

Faith without works is like a screen door on a submarine!

Healing wisdom in this one. Thank you, Rich Mullins, for reminding us that faith without works is as useless as a screen door on a submarine! As a Christian with a chronic illness, how can we apply this healing wisdom?  Easy, we cannot always sit in our prayer closets and expect to be healed. Sometimes … Continue reading Faith without works is like a screen door on a submarine!

Book of Job is too depressing, or is it?

How is the book of Job a wealth of insight? Why would I read something so depressing and so confusing? When is there a time when human input is irrelevant? I had a health coaching client ask this question today. You are right, Job does not appear to be any insight, just confusion and tons of … Continue reading Book of Job is too depressing, or is it?