Satisfaction in Your Labor

Do you believe that Jesus found satisfaction in his time as a carpenter? Many people do not find satisfaction in their work life, their days are far more "toilsome." For those of us who find ourselves in that situation, how can we use our time of chronic illness and/or trauma to realign ourselves with work … Continue reading Satisfaction in Your Labor

Everything is Meaningless…

The birds-eye view allows us to see what  Solomon (Qoheleth) meant when he said "everything is meaningless" in the book of Ecclesiastes. It seems so contradictory to who God is. It seems odd that Solomon (Qoheleth) would say it in his older years after so much success and closeness with God. As I explored the scripture, I … Continue reading Everything is Meaningless…

Faith on a Tandem Bike Ride

Tandem bike rides require a certain amount of faith in the other person. When we are up in front, steering the path and setting the pace, we feel more comfortable. We take Jesus along for the ride of life because we are Christians and want Him with us. Then one day we grow in our … Continue reading Faith on a Tandem Bike Ride

Do we feel like Job? Do we grow as God reveals His wisdom?

The Book of Job is harsh, cold, senseless at times, depressing most of the time, and an in-your-face kind of book. It is not easily understood and the wording is so difficult at times that one can easily get lost. Simply keeping up with who is speaking with whom is mind boggling through the absurd … Continue reading Do we feel like Job? Do we grow as God reveals His wisdom?

Who is your spot light on?

Who is your spot light on? Who will you cling to when going through the fire? Mercy Me - Even If They say sometimes you win some Sometimes you lose some And right now, right now I'm losing bad I've stood on this stage night after night Reminding the broken it'll be alright But right … Continue reading Who is your spot light on?

God Alone Makes Us Grow

What about all of my efforts throughout all the trials and tribulations? What about all of my suffering through the trials? I want credit for my personal growth. I don't want the blame but I want the credit. Where is God in that picture? God alone makes us grow. He gives us more than we … Continue reading God Alone Makes Us Grow

Clothe Yourself

Until we have been stripped, we cannot be fully clothed with the Lord Jesus Christ. Take it all away and see if we come out the other end grateful for the experience. See if the experience shows us how to clothe ourselves in the Lord and not the world. We start by seeing and wanting … Continue reading Clothe Yourself

Moving Away From Christian Lingo

The Christian community has their own language, no doubt. It is easy to learn it and use it just like one would in any environment. Yet, speaking the language does not make a Christian, grace does. God gave us his free grace through Jesus. Do we have the ability to look beyond the lingo club … Continue reading Moving Away From Christian Lingo

When It Is a Sacrifice To Praise God

It sounds almost sacrilegious to say that it can sometimes be a sacrifice to praise God. After a double-take, we can examine the truth in the comment. Most who have deeply suffered can identify with such a bizarre statement. Chronic illness and/or trauma in ones life can bring the suffering it takes to find sacrifice … Continue reading When It Is a Sacrifice To Praise God

How Long, Lord, How Long?

The sting of illness hurts and just keeps hurting. We ask the Lord how long we have to endure so much illness that never seems to end. We ask him how long we have to withstand the effects of abuse and trauma in our lives. The physical and emotional issues engulf us like a swarm … Continue reading How Long, Lord, How Long?