Sick and Tired, Ran Out Of Prayer Power?

Have you ever been so ill for so long that you are so sick and so tired that you feel like you ran out of prayer power? Chronic illness can feel like it has sucked the life out of us and even our prayers feel lifeless and dull. God gives us exactly what we need at all times. He even gives us the perfect prayers when we have no more to muster up ourselves.

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Make Reading Scripture Fun, FREE App

Fun easy trackable reading scripture through The Bible Project. They now have an app that holds our hands right through the year as we move through the Bible, reading, growing, learning. This company has helped to bring the Bible to life and in bite-size pieces for greater understanding. Let them walk you through the beauty and wisdom that God created in the Bible and The Bible Project animated it for adults and children to enjoy. Continue reading Make Reading Scripture Fun, FREE App

Lord, Increase My Faith, Not My Fears

Through the tough stuff, we can learn how to increase our faith and not our fears. Fear does not come from God yet it surrounds us. It is a choice to let it rule our lives or not. Chronic illness can suck us into a black hole of fear or we can allow Jesus to raise us above and use this time to increase our faith. If you are like me, there is some dipping in and out of that black hole of fear.  Continue reading Lord, Increase My Faith, Not My Fears

Tsunamis Insist On Action

There is a small percentage of the population that will become chronically ill with so many diseases that it feels like a tsunami has hit. I am not talking waves, I am talking wipe-out tsunamis. What if God allows this in our lives to “do a new thing” in our lives, allowing the destruction of this depth of illness to wash away the past baggage that holds us down? Continue reading Tsunamis Insist On Action

Shelter Me so I May Blossom

Are there days you feel fragile, need to be sheltered? Days you need more than you can possibly give?? Days you don’t see your own light much less feel like you can grow and blossom??? Those are the days I find shelter in God’s word, the safest most truthful place I know.
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Lifted Out of the Valley of Dry Bones

Loving the new view. I am no longer stuck in the Valley of Dry Bones. That part of the healing journey is finally behind me. A pure delight to read God’s word and realize some of what He has done for me.  Continue reading Lifted Out of the Valley of Dry Bones

Breath of Life, Just Breathe

The stress of chronic illness can overwhelm us at times. There are moments when we don’t feel like we have the energy to blow out a candle. Our bodies don’t keep up with our heart’s desires and there is nothing we can do but breathe!! Nope, not fun but with hindsight, we can watch our perseverance grow, which creates a deeper faith. So, breathe in the breath of life. Continue reading Breath of Life, Just Breathe

Making An Epic Rise

Rising up is hard enough during chronic illness. And God wants us to make an epic rise, RIGHT!!! So how do we do this? How in tarnation with all of the illness, the troubles, the problems, the pain, the suffering are we supposed to accomplish an epic rise?  Continue reading Making An Epic Rise

Perfume, Insense, ​and Friendship

What in the world do insense and friendship have to do with each other? If you are isolated during chronic illness, there are alternatives to get us through. As always, with Jesus at our side, sometimes carrying us through illness, He provides the most interesting ways to fill the emptiness of isolation. Continue reading Perfume, Insense, ​and Friendship

Just Joking

Who…. ME….I don’t know what you are talking about….I was just joking! How many times has someone insulted you and then said, “just joking.” I have been surrounded with these “jokers” my whole life. Could God possibly have anything specific on the subject? Shocked to find this one today during my bible reading. Continue reading Just Joking