All The Earth Bows To You

ALL the Earth bow to You

All the Earth, not part of the Earth. All of mankind, not a select few. During this pandemic, we have an opportunity to ALL bow to our God and see what He has done, what He has provided and praise Him, in ALL things. This is such an unusual time, what an understatement in the … Continue reading All The Earth Bows To You

Now We Have Sparetime To Practice The Fruit of The Spirit

Spread fruit, not fear - Fruit of the Spirit

Think about it, today in America President Trump has asked us to stay home for a while. Most other countries are doing the same. So here we all are, at home with some extra time on our hands. What do we do when we get lonely from all of the isolation? We have received a … Continue reading Now We Have Sparetime To Practice The Fruit of The Spirit

Shocked But Not Shaken

The No Fear Factor, Jesus Christ

When there is a global concern it is hard not to be shocked. I get that. But we do not need to be shaken. This battle is not ours, it belongs to God. When we believe and worship our Lord, there is no reason to be shaken. What about the chronically ill who are more … Continue reading Shocked But Not Shaken

Wisdom In The Womb

You taught me wisdom in that secret place, the womb.

God gave us wisdom in the womb. That bowled me over today when I read it. Not only did He love us so tenderly that we were each made uniquely and with a plan for our lives but He actually taught us wisdom in that secret place. I want to tap into that wisdom more. … Continue reading Wisdom In The Womb

Who Is the Door, Who Answers the Door, Who Opens the Door?

Jesus said, most assuredly, I am the door

Jesus does it all. He is the Savior. He answers the door when we knock and He opens closed and stuck doors for us. During chronic illness, there are a lot of doors we simply cannot open ourselves. I am used to doors being slammed in my face. I am used to them being tightly … Continue reading Who Is the Door, Who Answers the Door, Who Opens the Door?

I Cannot Be Separated From God

Confidence I cannot be separated from the love of God that is in Christ Jesus.

That simple. I simply cannot be separated from God. As a Christian I am secure in that knowledge and secure in His arms. Usually (not always) I read daily from my Bible-In-A-Year. That way I make it through the whole Bible every single year. Well, I am not perfect, never have been never will be. … Continue reading I Cannot Be Separated From God

Love Story on Valentine’s Day

Valentine's Day - a true love story

If I could pick anyone I wanted, who would I pick? What would be the attributes I would look for? What if I could choose the absolute perfect love story of all time? What would that look like??? Add chocolate to the situation and we have the perfect love story on Valentines Day. I know, … Continue reading Love Story on Valentine’s Day

Even God Calls “Bull” on Some Things

Calling bull on some things using God's specific instructions

Have you ever had a bull charge at you? Have you ever had a bull charge at you with your young child at your side? I have and now I finally know what God says about that specific situation. The Bible is an awesome place to find out when we can call "bull" on certain … Continue reading Even God Calls “Bull” on Some Things

Smashing Clay Jars

Smashing your clay jars - finding beauty in the pieces and cracks

Wait a minute. Aren't we supposed to be the moldable clay? Isn't that one of the main points of being a Christian, so that the Lord can mold us?? Then why would we smash clay jars??? Of course we are likened to be moldable clay so that we can be shaped to walk closer with … Continue reading Smashing Clay Jars

Our Crossroads or His?

Crossroads, keep walking them out using God's specific instructions

We are presented with plenty of crossroads in life. Chronic illness is just one of many. Inside of that intense crossroad of illness, are all the small yet significant crossroads that take us on the right path or not. We are given a set of directions to navigate us through chronic illness while walking with the … Continue reading Our Crossroads or His?