Christian Adventure

Once in a while, I come across FREE “Christian” resources that create grand adventure. This one is beyond cool. You can lay in bed while you are chronically ill and roam the earth through the eyes of a Christian.

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Listen To FREE Audio Bible

Seriously, this is FREE. While we are chronically ill, we cannot always see our paper Bibles and we need an audio version. Don’t miss out on daily Bible reading when there are FREE resources.

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Above Not Under

As Christians, we get the unique ability to live above, not under many things of this world. We can live above our circumstances, not under them. We can also live above the law, not under the law. Scripture helps us sort this out.

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Joy In Chronic Illness

Chronic illness is a lot of things, but joy is not one that comes to mind. There has been so much loss on so many levels. I can make a joke about it once in a while but JOY, you have got to be kidding me.

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Loss & Grief Getting Stuck In Us

Most of us have lost someone dear to us. Heartache, shock, tears, and pain are part of dealing with the loss. The heaviness can last for a while. The longer heaviness lasts the more we struggle. There are no perfect words to express the loss. All words seem empty in the midst of this kind of pain. How can we keep going and live out what we believe in Christ instead of getting stuck?

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Grieve, Mourn and Wail

Are we going to listen to our modern culture of stuffing loss and heartache or are we going to listen to God? Will we become imprisoned in our grief or will we learn to fly? How does God want us to experience loss? What does loss sound like to Him? What is the role of mourning?

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Does God Create Dorks

Can adults be dorks or do kids have the corner on it? Can any of us humans be dorks? We are created in God’s image, so would He create a “dork?” If there are dorks, does that make God a dork?

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No Worries, Yeah Right

We already know that worry is not good for us, yet we keep on worrying. This life comes with so many issues; obstacles, barriers, illness, problems, dangers, and the endless onslaught that all of us encounter. Here we are, this is life along with all the things we chose to worry about. But, what if, we are the ones making our lives harder by the worry?

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