Clothe Yourself

Until we have been stripped, we cannot be fully clothed with the Lord Jesus Christ. Take it all away and see if we come out the other end grateful for the experience. See if the experience shows us how to clothe ourselves in the Lord and not the world. We start by seeing and wanting … Continue reading Clothe Yourself

Moving Away From Christian Lingo

The Christian community has their own language, no doubt. It is easy to learn it and use it just like one would in any environment. Yet, speaking the language does not make a Christian, grace does. God gave us his free grace through Jesus. Do we have the ability to look beyond the lingo club … Continue reading Moving Away From Christian Lingo

Deliver Us From Evil

There are some days that you simply know evil is in our way, in the middle of everything good and just plain loathed. I want to see no evil, hear no evil and certainly speak no evil. As I pray the Lord's Prayer, I am reminded that He has the power to deliver us from … Continue reading Deliver Us From Evil