Shocked But Not Shaken

The No Fear Factor, Jesus Christ

When there is a global concern it is hard not to be shocked. I get that. But we do not need to be shaken. This battle is not ours, it belongs to God. When we believe and worship our Lord, there is no reason to be shaken. What about the chronically ill who are more susceptible to the dangers of viruses???

Not even the chronically ill need to be shaken. We do not need to fight this battle in our flesh. It takes more faith to let God fight the battle.

When we fight this battle in our spirit, we can stay in worship and praise, we can sing, we can focus on the Lord, not the battle itself. This battle is not ours.

We are all uniquely made and are at different places in our walks with the Lord. That is the way it should be.

So figure out exactly where you are and use this global situation as a time to gain a clear perspective on your perspective. Are you viewing this as a personal battle or are you viewing this global chaos as a time of praising God?

I know I fall short. I know that in my larger perspective I have faith in God and know this is His battle but in that same breath I dig in for facts, for science, for answers on how to protect myself. Since this is what I do for a living I am not convinced this is necessarily wrong but I sure do need to keep it in check or it can quickly become blatant lack of faith, on my part.

A very large part of my work life is reminding people to get a grip on their stress. The more stressed we become, the harder it is to get out of chronic illness. I love the work I do, the people I encounter, and the experiences we all share. But I have to keep my faith in check. I am not the one in control and it certainly is not my stress-relief toolbox that is in control, it is God.

My faith will appear different than your faith on the outside. It is what is in our hearts that the Lord sees.

When person #1 spends a few hours to locate facts about the current global crisis, their heart can be to locate truth to share to calm others.

When person #2 spends a few hours to soak up as much media fear-mongering tactics as possible to spread chaos, it is entirely a different heart.

When person #3 spends a few hours listening to different perspectives so they can make their own determination, that is another way a person can seek the truth.

When person #4 spends a few hours in a prayer closet away from all of the chaos and intently prays for God’s will and glory in all of this, that is another way a person can seek the truth.

This is not a time to condemn others for how they are personally dealing with this global situation. This is a time to see how God is going to use this for His good, His glory.

For some, it will bring them closer to the Lord. For others, the situation will provide an opportunity to introduce them to the Lord. For others, they will continue down their own path. We get to choose our path. God has given us free will.

The true pandemic is sin, not a virus. We were born into that pandemic (sin). Sin treats us the same, we are all vulnerable to it, just like viruses.

In the eyes of the world, we’re all different; in the eyes of the virus, we’re just the same.

~ unknown

All-Knowing God

I enjoy doing research and listening to different points of view, to a limit. I delight in knowing that no human can know what God knows. There is no amount of research or opinions that will give me the knowledge that God has.

I can use my brain to obtain facts that can calm people’s fears during this but those are only earthly facts. God is all-knowing.

I can use my faith to remain shocked but not shaken by current events. In scripture we read about plagues since Biblical times, today’s situation is no different. Why I wasted my time even being shocked is silly.

I can use the Holy Spirit to give me the words to say (or NOT to say) in every circumstance with every encounter with everyone I speak to during this. Since every single person has a different perspective, I rely on the Holy Spirit to give me the right words for that person, or to give me a muzzle-for-the-moment!!!

There really is no reason to be shaken by the latest events, the latest virus, the latest chaos. God has this, He always has, always will. This does not need to be our battle.

Now, as a Christian who writes about the chronic illness journey from a Christian standpoint, I do have something to say about that and I feel led to do so.

Instead of handing our power (that is really God’s power) over to the devil, we can fight back on a certain level. We don’t have to lay down and let a virus overtake us when there are things we can do while understanding God is in charge, God has all the power, all the exact plans for everyone.

Ill Christians Facing This Virus

Use the brain that God gave you during this time if you are chronically ill. Your immune system is already compromised. Use your common sense. Use your prayer life, your walk with the Lord to figure out what He specifically wants you to do, or not do.

For everyone who is chronically ill, our sweet Jesus does not want us to fear. So panic is not going to be in our toolboxes!!!

For those who are already chronically ill, use common sense like supporting your body, specifically your immune system.

  • Antivirals to support your immune system
  • Healthy diest to support your immune system
  • Lots of good rest to support your immune system
  • Extra hydration to support your immune system
  • Stress-reduction to support your immune system
  • Connection with other humans for mind-body that supports your immune system

Use your toolbox, dig up the tools that you already have and use them.

Do you have vitamin C around your house? TAKE IT.

One of the greatest tools I know of support the immune system is MitoATP. It gives you the energy to hold up a compromised immune system from chronic illness. It builds and strengthens your mitochondria so your immune system has a leg to stand on. Read more on CellCore products to help us through this global virus crisis – CoronaVirus, Keeping It Simple To Fight Back

As Christians we don’t only have our prayer closets, we don’t only have our faith, we have the brains that God, our Creator, specifically gave us.

Rise above the fear factor of the current situation. As Christians, we can choose to live ABOVE circumstances because Jesus lives. He lives way above circumstances, so can we can do the same.

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It is your choice to listen to the media during every waking hour — turn it off, take breaks, set a timer to something that is reasonable for you.

It is your choice to enter into social media conversations about every opinion under the moon — walk away, opinions are just that, opinions. If you are stressed about the current global situation, it is YOUR responsibility to limit your exposure to the chaos. God gave you hands to shut down your social media until this passes.

It is your choice who you speak to — if others are sucking you into fear, walk away, stick earphones in your ears and flood your mind body and soul with praise and worship music.

I know it is already very difficult to be chronically ill. I know that we have all suffered greatly from illness and circumstances and this new situation may feel like the last straw. Remember that those are feelings, not faith. Those are legitimate feelings but faith rises you above those feelings and into the reality of Jesus Christ, our Living Savior.

I say all of this to remind myself to limit my own contribution to this chaos, which is not from God. I say this to refocus, regroup, accept the shock of the situation but stand firm that I will not be one who can be shaken. I do hope that you stand on firm ground with me. I do hope that when I falter you will pull me back on that firm ground, just as I hope I can do the same for you.

Find like-minded Christians to fellowship with during this time. Grow in that fellowship. Dig in deeper in faith, not fear.

What is God telling YOU about this?

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