I Cannot Be Separated From God

Confidence I cannot be separated from the love of God that is in Christ Jesus.

That simple. I simply cannot be separated from God. As a Christian I am secure in that knowledge and secure in His arms. Usually (not always) I read daily from my Bible-In-A-Year. That way I make it through the whole Bible every single year. Well, I am not perfect, never have been never will be. … Continue reading I Cannot Be Separated From God

Hanging On Every Word

hanging on every word

The dialog in the book of Job is tedious, to say the least. I got to the part where Job and his “friends” had gone back and forth and they were finally done speaking. Then some young whipper-snapper chimes in and tries to share his wisdom. I have prepared my heart to listen and not … Continue reading Hanging On Every Word

From Questions to Conclusions

After years of reflection from a "sick-bed," I have found some basic fun conclusions in God's Word. After all of my whining, complaining, blaming, despair and distress, there is still great hope. Life simply is not going to make sense at every turn but God will always make a way. He is always there through … Continue reading From Questions to Conclusions