Maker of the Behemoth

Look at the Behemoth which I made along with you

The what?? Behemoth is a word in the Bible, used only once, and I had to look it up. It was simple to figure out that God was the Maker, He is the Maker of Heaven and Earth and all things seen and unseen. But my curiosity still wanted to know what animal could possibly … Continue reading Maker of the Behemoth

Hanging On Every Word

hanging on every word

The dialog in the book of Job is tedious, to say the least. I got to the part where Job and his “friends” had gone back and forth and they were finally done speaking. Then some young whipper-snapper chimes in and tries to share his wisdom. I have prepared my heart to listen and not … Continue reading Hanging On Every Word

Loneliness During Chronic Illness

loneliness during chronic illness, loving your God

Transforming our loneliness into anything good has moments of impossibility... and then there is God. He can take those intensely lonely times and softly create a megaphone of His peace and joy. Nope, not saying I am good at this. I am saying God is good at using loneliness for His good. Loneliness during chronic … Continue reading Loneliness During Chronic Illness

Do we feel like Job? Do we grow as God reveals His wisdom?

The Book of Job is harsh, cold, senseless at times, depressing most of the time, and an in-your-face kind of book. It is not easily understood and the wording is so difficult at times that one can easily get lost. Simply keeping up with who is speaking with whom is mind boggling through the absurd … Continue reading Do we feel like Job? Do we grow as God reveals His wisdom?

Book of Job is too depressing, or is it?

How is the book of Job a wealth of insight? Why would I read something so depressing and so confusing? When is there a time when human input is irrelevant? I had a health coaching client ask this question today. You are right, Job does not appear to be any insight, just confusion and tons of … Continue reading Book of Job is too depressing, or is it?