Christian Adventure

Once in a while, I come across FREE “Christian” resources that create grand adventure. This one is beyond cool. You can lay in bed while you are chronically ill and roam the earth through the eyes of a Christian.

I have no affiliation with this organization, I just think it is super cool.

To be able to visually explore the world (from our beds) with a Christian perspective, how cool is that? And it is FREE.

Biblical insights. Historical facts. Archeology treats. Grand beauty of this Earth that God created. All wrapped up in a FREE package that can help keep us entertained while we are walking through our chronic illness adventure.

Drive-Thru History Adventures is a visual delight and based in the Bible.

Looking for the FREE part?

First, go to their website and sign up for their newsletter. They immediately send you a FREE episode of their Drive-Thru History Adventures.

Second, they have a YouTube channel that has some of their incredible videos.

Yesterday I used them for my Sermon On The Mount blog and was captured by Drive-Thru video on location.

Being a Christian is full of adventure. While you are chronically ill, don’t miss out on the adventure that is available.

This can be done from the bed and help you get lost in the beauty of what God has created here on planet Earth.

Let you minds wander away from your current troubles.

What is God telling YOU about this?

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