Impressed The Socks Off Me

Today I wandered out of my typical chronic illness routine and found a young man filled with inspiration, pointing others to Jesus. It was one of those rare moments that someone impressed the socks off me. What a treat.

All I did was go get a hair cut. For me, this is a huge big deal because I have been so ill for so long, not capable of such simple tasks.

It was a rainy 32 degrees when I left. I love the cold and I never mind rain so it did not deter me a bit.

Everything went right. That just does not happen, especially to chronically ill people who are reaching beyond their limits to conquer basic tasks.

You better believe I ran with it instead of questioning it. I felt like blessings were constantly raining on me while I was out.

On the way home I heard a praise and worship song I have never heard before. I was feeling well enough to look down at the stereo and see who it was.

Austin French… I have never heard of him before today.

Got home and immediately looked him up.

Certainly, I am the only Christian who does not know who he is. Over 6 million views on one of his recordings, hummm, do I live under a rock??? Nope, just ill and isolated.

I went to his website and read his story – Austin French’s story

Sounds like a dude who is meeting people where they are and drawing them to Jesus. After all, Jesus met people where they were.

Sometimes people just impress the socks off of me. Today was one of those days and Austin French is one of those impressive young men who appear to be walking with Jesus.

It will be fun to follow Austin and see the path that God has for him.

What is God telling YOU about this?

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