Sermon On The Mount, With A Twist

While in a Bible study about the Sermon On The Mount, I have been faced with daily practicing what Jesus teaches through His living word. Yikes, it has been humbling and yet I have enjoyed the twists and turns it has taken.

While in a 9-week Bible study on the Sermon On The Mount, we are asked to read it daily, over and over again (Intro Matthew 5-7).

That simple task has been enlightening, daily.

9 weeks times 7 days a week = 63 times reading the Sermon On The Mount.

For those of us with chronic illness, it is a rare occasion that we can concentrate through 3 chapters. The repetition is actually very helpful because of my concentration issues.

As always, God knows what He is doing. He makes the Bible available for us to read and reread, over and over. He reveals new things each time we read it.

Sermon On The Mount, INTRO

Matthew 5-7 contains the Sermon On The Mount, intro. I know, bit long for us with illness but that is where repetition is serving us well.

Not only does my brain not focus through it all, but my eyeballs also cannot focus on the text.

When you click on this link, you will be taken to Matthew 5-7 in BibleGateway.

To get the FREE audio portion, follow these directions, FREE Audio Bible.

During Jesus’ Time

The region of Galilee looked quite different than it does today.

There are moments that I try to picture Jesus during his time here on earth and this event. When I focus in too much on that, I tend to lose the full impact that Jesus has on us today.

Jesus Now, Alive

What does the Sermon on The Mount look like today?

I don’t just mean the visuals you are looking at in these pictures.

I mean, how does Jesus come alive to you and through you in today’s time frame?

I am purposely not telling you about some of my lessons. I am trying to get you to read the Sermon on The Mount (or listen to it) again.

As always, God has left me in awe of Him. The more times I listen to the Sermon On The Mount intro, the more of it comes to life in my daily actions towards others and strengthening my walk with Jesus.

Please go to this link and scroll down to watch the 2-MINUTE video of the location of the Sermon On The Mount. Beautiful!!

Maribeth Baxter

What is God telling YOU about this?

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