Listen To FREE Audio Bible

Seriously, this is FREE. While we are chronically ill, we cannot always see our paper Bibles and we need an audio version. Don’t miss out on daily Bible reading when there are FREE resources.

Cheating is not always wrong, sometimes it is simply resourceful.

BibleGateway offers FREE audio when you create a FREE account with your email address. Did I mention it is all FREE?

From there you can play the audio by clicking on the audio button.

The audio button does not show unless you have signed up for the FREE account.

There are many different versions of the Bible. BibleGateway has more than I could ever keep up with, which I love!!

Although the audio portion comes with different versions, not all are AUDIO. So, if you get signed up and it is not working, look at which version of the Bible you are in.

Click on the DOWN arrow and choose a different version so the audio buttom will appear.

Click on the Down Arrow

I have no affiliation with BibleGateway. I personally have used BibleGateway for many years and found it to be easy to navigate and use.

Did I mention it is FREE???

May you be blessed with the FREE things in life that make our lives a little easier,

What is God telling YOU about this?

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