We Must Run Around​ Some Island

run around SOME island, God's way

I got to laughing so hard during my Bible reading today I just had to share. Aren't there truly times that you feel like God has told you to run around SOME some island. You don't have a clue why. Not even really sure which island. And run, not walk, not skip, not swim, not … Continue reading We Must Run Around​ Some Island

Listen To FREE Audio Bible

Seriously, this is FREE. While we are chronically ill, we cannot always see our paper Bibles and we need an audio version. Don't miss out on daily Bible reading when there are FREE resources. Cheating is not always wrong, sometimes it is simply resourceful. BibleGateway offers FREE audio when you create a FREE account with … Continue reading Listen To FREE Audio Bible

Mercy & Sacrifice

God's Word can be like God-given natural color, they look different every time we see them. As I was reading my Bible today, I noticed Jesus helping us to understand the difference between mercy and sacrifice. My curiosity got the best of me and I dug a little deeper to understand better.  Mercy vs Grace … Continue reading Mercy & Sacrifice