Book of Job is too depressing, or is it?

How is the book of Job a wealth of insight? Why would I read something so depressing and so confusing? When is there a time when human input is irrelevant? I had a health coaching client ask this question today. You are right, Job does not appear to be any insight, just confusion and tons of depressing thoughts.

Depressed on the Steps

Keep reading. Keep studying it. Keep asking the Holy Spirit to reveal to you what is intended specifically for you.

Another way of reading Job is to realize that there are angels and demons that we cannot physically see but are all around us. The demons try to destroy us because we are believers in Christ. The angels are there to provide for us. Job struggled through a crisis with demons and angels fighting over Job. There will always be things going on in the heavenly realm that we will not understand while living on planet Earth. Sometimes in the middle of a crisis, we just need to be still and trust that God has our back because He loves us, dearly.

Even our “friends” will not understand our situation or our hearts. This is when we hold on tight to our relationship with the Lord no matter what it appears to anyone else.


Hang on, the heavens will open up, the storm will pass, God will shine His light on you.

Trusting that God has our best interest at heart can be difficult when so many things can go so wrong in life. Yet, as we move through brokenness and loss of everything dear to us, we come out the other end with greater blessing than imaginable.

No child can be ever be replaced, not saying that. Yet, there can be other blessings that fill the void of the loss. Those blessings can fill our lives with peace and joy so we can have a purpose and a mission while we live for Christ here on earth.

The book of Job is complex and riveting. I always get something new out of it every time I read it. Yes, it is a hard read but well worth it.

How do you read the book of Job?

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What is God telling YOU about this?

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