Love A Good Sermon

a good sermon, God's way

I do love a good sermon. You know, the ones that pull you into sitting at the feet of Jesus with full attention. The ones where we forget ourselves, forget our troubles, forget even where we are sitting at the moment. The ones where we are feed nourishment. We all have our favorite pastors, teachers, … Continue reading Love A Good Sermon

Day 8: Get Back On Track

Day 8: Only God can penetrate the hide of a rhinoceros.... Day 8: 2 May 2018 I "randomly" chose a sermon from my favorite pastor. This started my day with an intense focus on a sermon that I have never heard before. It unraveled into something quite unexpected, but exactly what I needed to hear … Continue reading Day 8: Get Back On Track

Day 4: Get Back On Track

Day 4: progress is being made.... Day 4: 28 April 2018 Today’s sermon: God's School of Brokenness - Charles R. Swindoll “I do not learn when I am busy defending myself.” ~ Dr. Charles Swindoll I have moved through, and past, defending myself so I can learn from you Lord. At this point I do not … Continue reading Day 4: Get Back On Track