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a good sermon, God's way

I do love a good sermon. You know, the ones that pull you into sitting at the feet of Jesus with full attention. The ones where we forget ourselves, forget our troubles, forget even where we are sitting at the moment. The ones where we are feed nourishment.

We all have our favorite pastors, teachers, and leaders. Their voice become very familiar in our lives. We can hear them in our thoughts and actions. Not because they are to be worshipped, but because they direct us directly to God, His Word, and His ways, not the ways of the pastor, teacher or leader.

I soon moved to Texas after becoming a Christian. My radio became tuned to a station so I could listen to Charles Swindoll. Still, 25 years later, I get lost in his sermons simply because he is a vehicle in bringing the Bible to life and the Lord’s love into view.

A sermon with humility speaks more clearly to my heart. Like every human, I have pride issues. I enjoy how Chuck Swindoll shares his stories of real life, real people, real choices, real pride and real laughter over the things we all do in life.

I actually live within 1 1/2 hours of where he preached for years. A couple of times I went to his church, sadly he was not there. Although I have never met him in person, in a way he has become the voice of a father to me.

Without a Godly earthly father, my need for one still exists. Without much laughter in my life from others, my need for such rings loudly. God provides everything we need.

After taking Charles Swindoll off the pedestal I put him on at first, his voice through his sermons has become the voice of an earthly Godly father, a father who has taught me to laugh. Through his sermons, I have found myself outrageously laughing in my car, it has been a common occurrence for me while driving alone. Yes, I have seen the looks I get while waiting at stoplights!!

The connection is not with Swindoll, the connection is with Jesus. A good sermon is about pointing us to the Lord. Getting our hearts, thoughts, actions and our purposes pointed toward eternal things.

I have a few favorites that all point me right to Jesus. But today, my focus is on Chuck Swindoll because of his fatherly influence in my life that I am so grateful for.

May anyone who does not have an earthly Godly father, find the resources that God provides in other ways. Everything does not come neatly packaged in the way we expect. When I get my mind out of expectations, I am more open to see the provisions that have deeply blessed my life.

You have your own favorites, I know. If you want to check out Chuck Swindoll, he has FREE sermons for you. Insight For Living Broadcasts

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