No Matter If Others Understand, Have Faith In God

Not everything we do makes sense to others. Shoot, sometimes it does not even make sense to ourselves. Putting one foot in front of the other in blind faith and obedience allows the walls to come tumbling down not by our own efforts but by God’s will. That means blowing horns and marching in circles sometimes.

We do not need to understand how we are going to get from point A to point Z.

Sometimes, we simply must just believe that God will take care of the impossible.

The life of the chronically ill have walls bigger than life itself. These walls are impenetrable, they don’t budge an inch by our efforts.

We can be ill for decades fighting the “good fight” and absolutely getting nowhere. Eating all the right foods, doing all the right protocols, resting, taking good care of ourselves, not seeing the results that “should” be the result of our efforts.

What would happen if we simply blew the horns and marched around the impossible wall ONLY having faith that God would take care of the wall?

I mean really… What if??

There are times when all the good actions and good intentions and hard work are just not enough to get us to move from point A to B, much less point Z.

When all of our efforts are thwarted like a big thick tall wall that we cannot begin to budge, we are forced to rethink our whole perspective.

We simply do not always have the ability to change anything. I almost swallowed my tounge saying that. I know that we have to take action. I know that we cannot be on the fence. I know that God wants us to be obedient in allowing Him to change our circumstances.

But blowing a horn and marching around seems like a two-year-old fit instead of productive action.

Not everything that God gives us to do appears productive.

Only when I hit enough brick walls did I see that there was nothing, I mean NOTHING, I could do to move the wall. I could not even chip away at it. There was NOTHING within my human ability to solve some of the things that needed to be solved.

It was not a bad attitude, not lack of faith, not sin, not others. It was a wall so big and so thick and so impossible that NOTHING was going to get it to budge or chip.

Only God could deal with the wall and I had faith that he would deal with it when and how HE chose to. Completely out of my hands but the faith was there.

I could not explain it because it was all so complicated that even I could not understand the complexity of the multitude of problems. It was an impenterable wall.

Joshua simply had faith. He knew that God would take care of it. But God did ask him to blow horns and march around, looking like a fool.

When I hit this wall hard enough to get to the end of me and my efforts, I could have cared less what I looked like to others. The wall has to move, regardless of anything and everything.

Joshua did not see the impossible, he had faith.

God did not give Joshua the power and might to bring down the wall, GOD DID IT. God alone does things because he loves us and because he is in total and complete control.

God brings us to the end of ourselves sometimes to be put in situations that are truly impossible in earthly terms. It feels uncomfortable, even miserable at times. But as I choose to have faith, I find more peace in my daily choices to put one foot in front of the other, every moment of every day, knowing my limitations.

I don’t have to claim to anyone any progress on any level. It is not by my efforts that progress is being made and when the time is right, God will bring down the wall, not me.

I don’t know if that was the lesson or not. All I knew was, as I found more peace in accepting that humans have human limitations. I am the one in the way by thinking that I always have to solve everything for myself.

Chronic illness presents to us limits we never imagined before. The walls become bigger, taller, thicker. Sometimes it is not by our own efforts that we walk through illness and into health.

As a health coach that is hard for me to swallow. I know how to get lifestyles cleaned up so that health is a guaranteed outcome. Hummmm, see the problem?? There are no guarantees in life, except the divine existence and love of God.

This is not even really about illness or health. It is about ANY wall that is so big that it takes a ighty God to bring it down. It is about having enough faith to make pure choices day in and day out, no matter how long it takes.

What are your walls that are impenetrable? We all have them, they all look a bit different.

Are you willing to tune out what others think and allow God to have you blow horns and march in circles??

The Point

Sometimes God wants us to be passive, to completely trust that HE will take care of justice and deliver his people from evil, while taking the glory for it all.

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