Day 9: Get Back On Track

Day 9: goofy peaceful calm…

Day 9: 3 May 2018

The picture so easily describes it all. I feel like a baby deeply sleeping because of the security I know in Christ. It is raining and nasty today in my real life. Regardless, I feel the sunshine and the deep restfulness.

Introduction: Thanksgiving, Praise and Worship exercise

SONG:  Rich Mullins – Step By Step– Live

Rich Mullins has always made me smile in so many ways. He was so out-of-the box in such a humble and enlightened way, a lot like Jesus.

In the video, his talk reminded me that the people in the bible are just as goofy as I am. We are all just people.

“God takes the junk of our lives and makes art out of it. He is a wild man!” ~ Rich Mullins

Step 1: Gather

My brain is full, in a good way. Lord, you gave me so much to process yesterday that today has been a time to sweetly reflect.

You reminded me that I just need to follow you, and all will be just fine. I felt at great peace today with all of that.

I was even in a goofy mood. I kept thinking about the picture you gave me yesterday of rhinoceroses walking AWAY from me. I need to be seeing more hind-ends right now!

I like goofy days. It is fun to be goofy. Since I am made in your image, I wonder how playful you truly are. Certainly, more than I am. I am way too serious. When you give me glimpses of my playful side I get excited about a future to explore such.

Happy Little Sisters Wearing Red Clown Noses Having Fun Together

Everything is simply okay, peaceful. One step at a time, no rush. Thank you for a break today.

Lord, you have already set things in motion to take good care of me. Let me savor this peace, calm and goofy that is going on inside of me a little longer please.      

Step 2: Focused Reflection

One step at a time, no rush, just be goofy. Everything sounds sweet to me today.

Step 3: Journal

There is nothing wordy about me today.

Step 4: Revisit

Taking a time out to rest in the sweet peace of you Lord is perfectly acceptable. Who says I have to watch the nonsense of this world EVERY day. Not going to look at it today. 

Little girl with cartoon eyes painted on her hands making silly         

Step 5: Active Reach       


Let the Holy Spirit guide my pace right now. When I get like this, let it be. What a treat to have a smile of peace instead of all the stress of heart failure and that whole emergency. The peace and calm will be the best medicine for me now.

Don’t let anyone who cannot see you, Lord, ruin my day, my week or my life.  They may not have my joy.   

Mature man in funny disguise on dark background. April fool's da


Allow goofy. If fear or abandonment issues sneak in, blast them with Mr. Clown-head, the visual. If that does not work, back to yesterdays rhino hind-ends!!

Maribeth Baxter, MBEC (Certified Mind-Body Coach)

LOGO Biblical GRADIENTfinal

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What is God telling YOU about this?

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