Casting Crazy into the Sea

The crazy world and its crazy definitions. The word “crazy” has taken on a new meaning to me since I have cast it into the sea. The world has used and abused this word and I am done with the nonsense. Taking this one into my own hands and finding great delight in drowning the word in God’s glory. This is just way too much fun.

“Truly I tell you, if anyone says to this mountain, ‘Go, throw yourself into the sea,’ and does not doubt in their heart but believes that what they say will happen, it will be done for them.” ~ Mark 11:23 NIV

This has NOTHING to do with the popular “name it and claim it” movement that commonly uses this verse. This is more of a visualization to get the “crazy” out of my life. I know, this is a kind of twist on this verse, but I am okay with this twist.

I have had a Lyme brain since early childhood so “twist” is a normal word for me. Some of my twisted thinking has brought great clarity and a peace that can only come from God. Therefore, I am good with this one. Life is full of twists and turns, some are more beautiful than others.

Road To Mount Cook, New Zealand

I am working on a Christian brain detox that brought up this verse today that got me on this rabbit trail. The word “crazy” has been very prevalent in my life, always. I have found it impossible to sort this out. I have no control over others and I cannot truly know the hearts of man. Time to cast the word “crazy” into the sea, have no doubt in my heart that God is in control, and just move forward with a clearer mind without the normal definition of “crazy.” Who says I cannot do this? I am just doing it and it is done.

If God says we have the ability to cast a mountain into the sea because of our belief in him, then I can cast a simple five-letter word into the sea.

Time to cast out this fear that crazy has any fraction of an element in my life at all. The “crazy” of others has plum drove me “crazy.” I no longer have any interest in figuring out who is crazy or how or why or what or ANYTHING. It has so greatly affected my life that I am done with the entire typical meaning of the word altogether. Throwing my fear of the word “crazy” into the sea, casting IT away, not ME away.


Over 10 years ago I decided I would only use the word “awesome” for God, completely reserved for him and what he does for us. I have refused to use it in any other context for about 10 years now. For human activity, I use the word amazing. It is all my personal way of honoring God through the use of wording. I never tell anyone else how to use the word awesome, this is my personal choice.

I now have a new word to work on; “crazy.” It now needs to be used for good. Let God take what was intended for evil and turn it to good. The word crazy now needs to become things that are positive (for me, in my thinking). “Crazy” can stand for things that are so out of this world that they stand above. Things like my CRAZY AMAZING CHOCOLATE PUDDING that I have as a comfort food. Simply because I added the words “crazy” and “amazing” I actually do think of Jesus when I say it or see it, and especially when I eat it. Jesus nourishes me in ways that no other can.

God alone is responsible to determine who is crazy and who is sane, or if that truly matters on an eternal level. God knows the hearts of man, not me. What I do know is that he loves us all, he created all of us. He sent his only Son for us because he loves us; sane, crazy, wild, tame, all of us. We all have the opportunity to choose a relationship with Jesus Christ. Within that relationship, it becomes apparent that there is no crazy or sane by the world’s standards. God alone knows our hearts.

Angels. Mom and daughter with white wings

How has this changed my perception of myself and others? Simple, removing the “crazy” out of my thinking, of myself and others, opens up a whole world of opportunity. My opinion and another’s opinion of who is “crazy,” and who is not, is a loss of precious time and energy. To get unstuck, the word crazy has now been transformed to a new definition in my particular mind.

Let’s see if I can transform this word “crazy” like I did with the word “awesome.” It will take practice. I might fail at times. And I will get right back up and try again. I no longer slip with the word “awesome,” it is completely reserved for God,  so I certainly can do this again with another word.


Beach travel - woman relaxing walking on sand beach leaving foot

Time to get on with this CRAZY AMAZING LIFE of mine!!! Headed to eat my CRAZY AMAZING CHOCOLATE PUDDING for energy and nourishment. I already have nourished my soul with the Word of God this morning. I have also lightened my load by listening deeply to a praise and worship song specific for me for today. This is so much fun. Life truly can be crazy amazing because God is awesome in every way.

How are you letting God be awesome in your life?

How are you living your crazy amazing life?

Maribeth Baxter, MBEC (Certified Mind-Body Eating Coach)

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What is God telling YOU about this?

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