Joy In Chronic Illness

Chronic illness is a lot of things, but joy is not one that comes to mind. There has been so much loss on so many levels. I can make a joke about it once in a while but JOY, you have got to be kidding me. Sorry, Lord, but YOU are going to have to … Continue reading Joy In Chronic Illness

How Long, Lord, How Long?

The sting of illness hurts and just keeps hurting. We ask the Lord how long we have to endure so much illness that never seems to end. We ask him how long we have to withstand the effects of abuse and trauma in our lives. The physical and emotional issues engulf us like a swarm … Continue reading How Long, Lord, How Long?

Frame Suffering Well

How we see life is how we live it. This usually does not set too well with someone in the middle of suffering through chronic illness and pain. Life and illness feel quite out of our control as we walk through suffering of any kind. God has something very clear to say about how to … Continue reading Frame Suffering Well