Shocked But Not Shaken

The No Fear Factor, Jesus Christ

When there is a global concern it is hard not to be shocked. I get that. But we do not need to be shaken. This battle is not ours, it belongs to God. When we believe and worship our Lord, there is no reason to be shaken. What about the chronically ill who are more … Continue reading Shocked But Not Shaken

Smashing Clay Jars

Smashing your clay jars - finding beauty in the pieces and cracks

Wait a minute. Aren't we supposed to be the moldable clay? Isn't that one of the main points of being a Christian, so that the Lord can mold us?? Then why would we smash clay jars??? Of course we are likened to be moldable clay so that we can be shaped to walk closer with … Continue reading Smashing Clay Jars

Tsunamis Insist On Action

There is a small percentage of the population that will become chronically ill with so many diseases that it feels like a tsunami has hit. I am not talking waves, I am talking wipe-out tsunamis. What if God allows this in our lives to "do a new thing" in our lives, allowing the destruction of … Continue reading Tsunamis Insist On Action

Sexual Abuse Healing From Jesus & Humans

It is not your fault. Sexual abuse is not your fault when you are the victim. The climate is slowly changing and there are now more avenues to receive help from sexual abuse. Humans will never catch up with the depth of purity of Jesus himself, but the more we support others in their healing … Continue reading Sexual Abuse Healing From Jesus & Humans

Casting Crazy into the Sea

The crazy world and its crazy definitions. The word "crazy" has taken on a new meaning to me since I have cast it into the sea. The world has used and abused this word and I am done with the nonsense. Taking this one into my own hands and finding great delight in drowning the … Continue reading Casting Crazy into the Sea

Book of Job is too depressing, or is it?

How is the book of Job a wealth of insight? Why would I read something so depressing and so confusing? When is there a time when human input is irrelevant? I had a health coaching client ask this question today.¬†You are right, Job does not appear to be any insight, just confusion and tons of … Continue reading Book of Job is too depressing, or is it?

Deliver Us From Evil

There are some days that you simply know evil is in our way, in the middle of everything good and just plain loathed. I want to see no evil, hear no evil and certainly speak no evil. As I pray the Lord's Prayer, I am reminded that He has the power to deliver us from … Continue reading Deliver Us From Evil