Loss & Grief Getting Stuck In Us

Most of us have lost someone dear to us. Heartache, shock, tears, and pain are part of dealing with the loss. The heaviness can last for a while. The longer heaviness lasts the more we struggle. There are no perfect words to express the loss. All words seem empty in the midst of this kind of pain. How can we keep going and live out what we believe in Christ instead of getting stuck?

Using the anchor of God’s word and the victory of Jesus will help us place the loss in His glory, not our pain.

As we cling to Jesus and not the loss, we can move through the pain and heartache. That can be done without diminishing our love for the lost loved ones. It is healing from the loss, not letting it consume us.

God’s goodness exist even in the midst of our pain.

When we let our pain of loss consume us, we are not only missing out on living our full lives, we are contributing to our own chronic illness.

Part of chronic illness is teaching us to create a flow through us, allowing the grief and devastation to flow out and the goodness of God in.

As we fill up our thoughts and actions with Jesus, it moves out the intense grief that hurts us and keeps us stuck and adds to our chronic illness which hinders us from fully serving Christ through our lives.

Don’t scramble my words to make this something it is not. We can serve Christ even while we are chronically ill, no doubt. Some of us have chronic illness because we have not yet learned the lessons that the illness is trying to teach us.

God knows what He is doing. He is working, whether He is doing what we want him to do or not. He is God. God is sovierein.

How will we be still and let God be God? God owns the why’s to tragedy and loss, not us.

Hope and faith in God allow us to move through the loss. We can always miss the person but we don’t want to get stuck in the torture of the loss. Keep our eyes focused on the hope that God provides through the darkest hours.

As we grow in our in our faith, we have the choice to learn how to let grief pass through us without getting stuck in us.

Hope does not come easily to us when we are grieving. We all process loss differently. When we take our pain and anger over a loss to God, he knows what to do with it.

Words are just words. Sermons on loss don’t always reach us when we are experiencing loss.

Here is a family who shares an honest open discussion on their loss and how God fits into their perspective and their actions.

What is God telling YOU about this?

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