Does God Create Dorks

Can adults be dorks or do kids have the corner on it? Can any of us humans be dorks? We are created in God's image, so would He create a "dork?" If there are dorks, does that make God a dork? Children do have the corner on being the cutest dorks ever, they just are. … Continue reading Does God Create Dorks

Sick and Tired, Ran Out Of Prayer Power?

Have you ever been so ill for so long that you are so sick and so tired that you feel like you ran out of prayer power? Chronic illness can feel like it has sucked the life out of us and even our prayers feel lifeless and dull. God gives us exactly what we need … Continue reading Sick and Tired, Ran Out Of Prayer Power?

Tsunamis Insist On Action

There is a small percentage of the population that will become chronically ill with so many diseases that it feels like a tsunami has hit. I am not talking waves, I am talking wipe-out tsunamis. What if God allows this in our lives to "do a new thing" in our lives, allowing the destruction of … Continue reading Tsunamis Insist On Action

Lifted Out of the Valley of Dry Bones

Loving the new view. I am no longer stuck in the Valley of Dry Bones. That part of the healing journey is finally behind me. A pure delight to read God's word and realize some of what He has done for me.¬† God has lifted me out of the valley of dry bones. There were … Continue reading Lifted Out of the Valley of Dry Bones

Clothe Yourself

Until we have been stripped, we cannot be fully clothed with the Lord Jesus Christ. Take it all away and see if we come out the other end grateful for the experience. See if the experience shows us how to clothe ourselves in the Lord and not the world. We start by seeing and wanting … Continue reading Clothe Yourself

Shipwrecked in Faith

This is beyond awesome. God, in his word, tells us that we need faith AND a consciousness. We need to use our brains. Be awake. We can have faith but without consciousness, we can become shipwrecked while in faith. No matter what, the Lord is right there for us and loves us, but why would … Continue reading Shipwrecked in Faith

Jesus’ Birth, According to God

Merry Christmas Eve! The reason for the season is Jesus so I want to discuss Jesus. The celebration of the birth of Christ¬†is a truly glorious time. Celebrating his birth always brings me closer to him. The joy and hope Christ provides are abundantly there. God gives us two stories of the same event. Jesus' … Continue reading Jesus’ Birth, According to God

Provision of Stones

I know, there is no way this looks real. It truly is, really. This geological formation in Israel is real. This is beautiful, just like the stones that God gives us for provision. Jacob found a stone to lay his head because the sun had gone down during a journey. The stone did not appear … Continue reading Provision of Stones