Jesus Took Care of Our Reasons for Fear

Fear often grips us. We get stuck, in all kinds of ways. I LOVE being a Christian because Jesus took care of all the reasons I have fear. It is done!!! I am still human, it still sneaks in, and I still resort to Christ every time.

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No Matter If Others Understand, Have Faith In God

Not everything we do makes sense to others. Shoot, sometimes it does not even make sense to ourselves. Putting one foot in front of the other in blind faith and obedience allows the walls to come tumbling down not by our own efforts but by God’s will. That means blowing horns and marching in circles sometimes.

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New Vessel, New Wine

What does one do with the opportunity to walk out of chronic illness? We take it and run with it!!! By the crushing from disease, we are emptied during illness, so we can be available for new wine, using a new vessel. We walk through the process and out the other end with joy and abundance, new power and new freedom.

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Christian Adventure

Once in a while, I come across FREE “Christian” resources that create grand adventure. This one is beyond cool. You can lay in bed while you are chronically ill and roam the earth through the eyes of a Christian.

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Lord, Increase My Faith, Not My Fears

Through the tough stuff, we can learn how to increase our faith and not our fears. Fear does not come from God yet it surrounds us. It is a choice to let it rule our lives or not. Chronic illness can suck us into a black hole of fear or we can allow Jesus to raise us above and use this time to increase our faith. If you are like me, there is some dipping in and out of that black hole of fear.  Continue reading Lord, Increase My Faith, Not My Fears

Good and Hard Mutually Exist

Ohhh my stars is this beyond beautiful. God made you to do the hard thing to do the good story in your life. Good and hard can co-exist. Hard can be part of the good story. This is all about redefining suffering. This is a WOW!!  Continue reading Good and Hard Mutually Exist