All The Earth Bows To You

ALL the Earth bow to You

All the Earth, not part of the Earth. All of mankind, not a select few. During this pandemic, we have an opportunity to ALL bow to our God and see what He has done, what He has provided and praise Him, in ALL things. This is such an unusual time, what an understatement in the … Continue reading All The Earth Bows To You

Wisdom In The Womb

You taught me wisdom in that secret place, the womb.

God gave us wisdom in the womb. That bowled me over today when I read it. Not only did He love us so tenderly that we were each made uniquely and with a plan for our lives but He actually taught us wisdom in that secret place. I want to tap into that wisdom more. … Continue reading Wisdom In The Womb

Our Crossroads or His?

Crossroads, keep walking them out using God's specific instructions

We are presented with plenty of crossroads in life. Chronic illness is just one of many. Inside of that intense crossroad of illness, are all the small yet significant crossroads that take us on the right path or not. We are given a set of directions to navigate us through chronic illness while walking with the … Continue reading Our Crossroads or His?

The Lord Provides A Broad Path

Resting is not my strong point. Sometimes I think I was afflicted with chronic illness just to get me to stop, slow down, rest. I can chatter about slowing down until the cows come home but actually doing it to the degree that an ill body needs was a completely different story. My body stopped … Continue reading The Lord Provides A Broad Path

Satan, Demons, Angels, Cherubim

The Bible is filled with all of it; Satan, Demons, Angels, and Cherubim. In a way, today is no different than the Biblical times, there is good and evil, war and peace. There are choices and sides to be had. Social media has struck again. This week I ran into more than one conversation on … Continue reading Satan, Demons, Angels, Cherubim

May Your Eyes See What Is Right

Perception matters. When there are witnesses to a crime, each person has a bit of a different story. It is usually based on their life experiences that form the eyes in which they see. Their testimonies will all be a bit varied based on this. We simply do not have 100% pure vision. But God … Continue reading May Your Eyes See What Is Right

Lord, Increase My Faith, Not My Fears

Through the tough stuff, we can learn how to increase our faith and not our fears. Fear does not come from God yet it surrounds us. It is a choice to let it rule our lives or not. Chronic illness can suck us into a black hole of fear or we can allow Jesus to … Continue reading Lord, Increase My Faith, Not My Fears

Shelter Me so I May Blossom

Are there days you feel fragile, need to be sheltered? Days you need more than you can possibly give?? Days you don't see your own light much less feel like you can grow and blossom??? Those are the days I find shelter in God's word, the safest most truthful place I know. There are days … Continue reading Shelter Me so I May Blossom