Hanging On Every Word

hanging on every word

The dialog in the book of Job is tedious, to say the least. I got to the part where Job and his “friends” had gone back and forth and they were finally done speaking. Then some young whipper-snapper chimes in and tries to share his wisdom. I have prepared my heart to listen and not … Continue reading Hanging On Every Word

A Cheerful Heart Is Good Medicine

A cheerful heart is good medicine. Sounds good. Sounds righteous. Sounds like something someone would say when they have not deeply suffered from chronic illness. God actually said it and Jesus did suffer, more than we can wrap our human brains around. So let's get a spoonful of medicine and practice that cheerful heart. HINT: … Continue reading A Cheerful Heart Is Good Medicine

May Your Eyes See What Is Right

Perception matters. When there are witnesses to a crime, each person has a bit of a different story. It is usually based on their life experiences that form the eyes in which they see. Their testimonies will all be a bit varied based on this. We simply do not have 100% pure vision. But God … Continue reading May Your Eyes See What Is Right

Listen To FREE Audio Bible

Seriously, this is FREE. While we are chronically ill, we cannot always see our paper Bibles and we need an audio version. Don't miss out on daily Bible reading when there are FREE resources. Cheating is not always wrong, sometimes it is simply resourceful. BibleGateway offers FREE audio when you create a FREE account with … Continue reading Listen To FREE Audio Bible

Make Reading Scripture Fun, FREE App

Fun easy trackable reading scripture through The Bible Project. They now have an app that holds our hands right through the year as we move through the Bible, reading, growing, learning. This company has helped to bring the Bible to life and in bite-size pieces for greater understanding. Let them walk you through the beauty … Continue reading Make Reading Scripture Fun, FREE App